Joint Venture & Partnerships

Muller is always keen to identify new development opportunities and welcomes working with both landowners and investor partners.

Where combining resources with a financial or land owning partner makes more sense than working alone, Muller is receptive to entering into new relationships.

The Group tries very hard not to turn away any profitable opportunity where its skills can be utilised to deliver a return. There may however be times when its own financial resources are fully committed or the size of the investment required is simply too large.

This presents an ideal opportunity to create a partnership or joint venture with a landowner, investor or other party.

Muller has existing financial and commercial partnerships that add significant value to the scale and potential of projects.

On the occasions where the Group undertakes a transaction with a financial partner, a return is given in the form of an agreed rate of interest on monies invested in the project and/or a share of the development profit.

A wide range, type and size of property transactions has been undertaken in conjunction with joint venture partners across all property sectors.

Muller’s track record in delivering bespoke property solutions nationwide is based on the company’s ability to forge long term relationships with its business partners.