Mixed Use Development

Muller combines the strengths of its commercial, retail and residential expertise to create attractive mixed-use developments that are a focus of different types of use within a single building or a larger scheme.

The Group works with local authorities, statutory bodies, private landowners and end users or in partnership, to achieve site assembly and design of a viable scheme that meets the aspirations of all stakeholders.

Muller’s ability to create a combined design and financial solution is the key to unlocking the potential of such opportunities.

Sites are often located in the centre or edge of town locations where values and space are at a premium.

“New build, refurbishment or a combination of both; the Muller name is synonymous with the creation of high quality accommodation.”

Success in undertaking profitable mixed-use development schemes stems from an ability to recognise the hidden opportunity of a site or building, coupled with its location, the attractive nature of the facets for residential occupiers and the trading requirements of end users.

In this way it is possible to maximise the value of the scheme, whilst meeting the unique spatial and locational requirements of commercial and retail occupiers in one part of the building and the need of the residential occupier elsewhere.