Houndings Park, Sandbach

Planning permission for 200 residential dwellings

Sandbach is located within Cheshire, approximately 4km north east of Crewe. It is well located in terms of strategic transport links lying immediately to the west of the M6 (J17).

The site measures approximately 9.2ha (22.7 acres) in total covering both sides of the A534 and adjoins the southern edge of Sandbach. Located to the south of Old Mill Road, the site is around 350m south from the town’s market square.

Prior to the planning approval, the site was accessed via Fields Farm and Houndings Lane Farm, however Muller have secured access via a new arm off the Old Mill Road/Wheelock bypass roundabout immediately to the north of the site. Muller will contribute £120,000 towards the improvement of the signal junction at The Hill/Old Mill Road junctions and the widening of the A534 between the site access roundabout and the Old Mill Road/The Hill junction.

Of the 200 dwellings, the proposed development will provide for 30% affordable housing as well as public open space with an equipped children’s play area. Muller will also provide financial contributions of £390,466 towards the cost of accommodating school children for the application site at Primary Schools and £421,909 towards the cost of accommodating school children at Secondary Schools.

April 2013

Muller carried out extensive pre-application consultations to spread awareness of the proposed development, which included a well attended public consultation event.

June 2013

An outline planning application for 200 residential dwellings, open space and a new access off the A534/A533 roundabout was submitted.

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April 2014

An appeal was lodged against the non-determination of the planning application.

October 2014

A four day inquiry was held in which the Council stood by their claims that they could demonstrate a five year housing land supply. During the third day of the inquiry the Council’s witness when cross-examined finally accepted that they could not in fact demonstrate a five year supply of housing and the Council’s evidence was shown not to be robust.

December 2014

On 11 December 2014, the appeal was allowed and outline planning permission was granted.

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