Phase II – Sydney Road, Crewe

Development plan

Planning permission for 275 dwellings granted in September 2016, providing 30% affordable housing.

The site forms part of a wider development, with planning permission already approved in December 2013 for 240 dwellings and a new access road. Access to Phase II will be via Sydney road and along a spine road running through the approved Phase I site.

Muller will contribute £495,00 for improvement works to either the Sydney Road Bridge or the Crewe Green roundabout, or both. As well as a sum of £553,000 towards the costs of Project Hungerford Primary Academy 1FE Expansion and £136,500 towards the costs of additional special educational needs accommodation at Park Lane School and/or Springfield School.

January 2013

Muller held a public consultation to give residents the chance to view the plans and talk to members of the development team.

January 2015

Planning application submitted

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December 2015

An appeal was lodged against the non-determination of the planning application along side an application for costs due to Cheshire East Council’s ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

September 2016

The appeal was allowed and the Council’s Strategic Planning Boards resolved at its meeting on 18 May 2016 to remove the ‘putative’ reasons for refusal and not to contest the appeal.

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